XMT Arrival

Xmas has come early for ThinJack.

Monday morning felt like Christmas morning for us here at ThinJack as we knew our XMT was arriving that day and were all excited to see our new toy.

It arrived on the back of a lorry and much excitement and interest was taken by us and our neighbours in watching the delivery of this three ton piece of equipment which had to be carefully manoeuvred into our workshop. It was done successfully and now has pride of place in our workshop ready for the next lot of testing.

The XMT is invaluable to us as it will allow us to conduct research and development for some new services we have in the pipeline and also to allow us to carry out demonstrations so that you our customers are able to see first hand how our technology works and its application on your asset.

Thank you to the company who facilitated us receiving the XMT. It is so gratefully appreciated.

We can’t wait for you our customers to see it in action.