While we are travelling to your site

What you can do to help while we are travelling to your site

    We often get asked the question as to what you can do in terms of preparatory work whilst our technicians are travelling to your site so we have prepared a list for you.

    Please note that all of the below assumes that you have safe access to your well.

    As a reminder, ThinJack services draw rusty bolts through bolt holes and separates the 2 flange parts at the same time.

    1. Try to avoid using forceful human power which has the potential to damage at least your people, gauges or Inconel piping.

    2. Arrange person access to the flange. Our work is quicker if we can stand or kneel so that the flange is at chest height. Please consider this with your access scaffolding etc. around the flange.

    3. Try to avoid tilting/jamming the studs/bolts in the bolt holes. Tiling and jamming makes ThinJack Ltd’s separation longer and more costly.

    4. Remove the nuts but keep them available for us to use in the separation process.

    5. Start cleaning out the flange gap as far as the outside of the bolt holes. Water jetting is most effective, even if relatively low pressure. If there is any magnetite in this flange gap, please tell ThinJack Ltd now.

    6. ThinJack have specialist tools for the flange gap clearance but you can use the time before we arrive using any safe method you have available. Take care to protect the flange’s sealing grove.

    7. Lubricate the bolt hole annuli.

    8. Set up the support and final lift off of the flange for when ThinJack have separated it.

    9. We exclude other people working within 5 metres of the well flange we are separating. We ask to work upwind of the well and other people must stay upwind while we are operating the ThinJack system.

    10. Ask for our standard procedures so that you can prepare a work permit which I available when we arrive. Invariably the work is ‘cold’. Note that the ThinFlate™ hydraulic pressures are up to 36,250 psi (2500 bar) invariably with small fluid quantities.

    We hope that you found this useful and for any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.