Real-Time Gap Data
Picture 10

Once the flange tilts and jams, the powerful flange separation technique, from a drill string and draw works, becomes an effective flange jamming system. Note that well intervention may replace an old Christmas Tree, tubing or casing spool on a 30-year-old well conductor which is no longer vertical. But the upward pull is vertical and the small difference in angles increases the likelihood of a flange jam.

Key Specification

Item Key Specification
Intrinsically safe Zone Zero flange gap sensor and reflector
Remote display Allows personnel to monitor the gap during the separation
Portable system The system is contained in two waterproof cases and has its own internal power supply
Colour coded components Sensors, reflectors and cables are all colour coded to aid identification on the screen


Picture 12

Blue and yellow coloured distance measuring sensors are used to automatically calculate a flange gap. A third sensor is hidden behind the flange.

Picture 11

Flange gap display, next to the system operator, whilst separating bolted flanges with ThinJack services; conventional spreaders; crane and chain blocks; drill strings and draw works.