Site Safety Instructions

Site Safety Instructions for Staff & Visitors 

  1. Covid 19 safety instructions are on the door of the premises. Hand sanitiser is mounted in the wall, just inside the door.
  2. There is rodent poison in these premises which must not be swallowed by people or pets. In an emergency see MSDS sheet 14.9.
  3. There are delivery vans and rubbish collection and other large vehicles moving around the area outside our premises at Westhill. These are owned and driven by many companies and individuals. Please be careful when you are driving or, walking or cycling. The site speed limit is 5mph. 
  4. “Slide in” your name or visitor number on the board on entry. 
  5. “Slide out” when you go out of the front door. 
  6. If the fire alarm sounds: Leave by the front door and go to the middle of the car park. (Last person out to remove the slide board from wall for checking that all are outside the building). 
  7. Staff and trade contractors must always wear safety shoes whilst on site or the surrounding area, including the storage yards at Echt. 
  8. Housekeeping: Clean and put away all tools and rubbish at the end of each task. Make sure that the work site is always tidy. Do not leave items in a way which obstructs access to other items. 
  9. Before starting any job: stand back from it, consider the workflow, any hazards and the preventive control measures. Have a short talk with those that you are working with and decide who is doing what and when. Agree how to minimise the likelihood of harming yourself and other people. DO NOT just impulsively start any job without doing this. 
  10. If there are potential hazards which may harm your head, hands, eyes, face, breathing, hearing, feet or body then you MUST wear the job specific safety equipment available. (The equipment available includes: hard hats; gloves for various tasks, puncture resistant aprons & gauntlets; safety glasses; face masks; dust & solvent masks; hearing protection; coveralls; boots & high visibility vests).
  11.  DO NOT help staff in the workshop/warehouse unless you are asked to do so and briefed on the hazards, especially of objects falling on you. 
  12. Visitors: Stand well back from staff working in workshop/warehouse. 
  13. Headphones: Ensure that you can also hear what is going on around you with at least one ear. 
  14. Bring an MSDS sheet with any non edible chemicals or substances which you wish to use on site. Ensure these are stored in the master (digital) and paper registers and each container has a ThinJack Ltd MSDS label attached to them. 
  15. Visitors: Please DO NOT take photographs without the permission of ThinJack Ltd’s Operations Team Leader or Managing Director. 
  16. Music: If you wish to listen to music or broadcasts which other people can hear then you must supply your own Phonographic Performance Ltd License. This license is NOT supplied by ThinJack Ltd. 
  17. TV: If you wish to view live TV. catch up programmes on BBC IPlayer, on whatever hardware medium, then you must pay for & supply your own license through This license is not supplied by ThinJack Ltd. 
  18. Food is only stored in the fridge, the food cupboard or a rodent proof box. 
  19. We upcycle or recycle most waste. This is sorted on site. Please ask. 
  20. Please ask if you do not understand this notice or anything else.