Services are delivered by a team with technical and business experience in over 30 countries.
We have 39 person years experience in delivering ThinJack services on 4 continents.
Our team specialises in developing, operating and enhancing the systems we use.
Much of our operational experience is on offshore well platforms in the upstream oil and gas industry in countries where the cultural, logistical and commercial challenges exceed technical concerns.

Well Flange Separation

ThinJack is a unique splitting and separating service that effectively separates well flanges. The ThinJacks themselves are usually curved steel envelopes less than 3mm thick which are inserted between the 2 items for separation. In this application, they are made to fit between the flange’s bolt holes and the outer edge. When inflated ThinJacks start to become cylindrical. The inflation means that the 2 parts of the flange are pushed apart, in a controlled manner, drawing rusty bolts through the flange bolt holes at the same time. ThinFlate is the bespoke hydraulic inflation system providing up to 36 250 psi (2500 bar) pressure which creates the ThinJack force of up to 2.5 tonnes per square centimetre of ThinJack area.

Gap Holding & Weighing

Engineered Solutions

CWC Removal


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