HoleGuard Deployment

HoleGuard: PPE for your Wellbores.

ThinJack were delighted when our first custom made HoleGuard’s were first deployed two years ago by an operator in the North Sea.

The HoleGuard’s were specially designed due to the ‘non-standard’ nature of the flange and were deployed to protect the tubing hanger on a well prior to the XMT being lowered.

Our client was delighted with the product and sent us some images of it being used in the field which are below for you to have a look at.

More information about HoleGuard:

HoleGuard is a cover for open wellbores, exposed flange sealing faces and hangers when breaking containment on key wellhead components.

HoleGuard will minimise the likelihood of dropped objects from entering the wellbore or damaging hanger sealing rings and microtubing underneath HoleGuard’s cylinder.

To fit, place HoleGuard into the ring gasket groove and the proprietary soft elastomer will self centre over the wellbore while protecting the groove.

Gives confidence that well bores and critical sealing parts are better protected than they would be otherwise. It minimises the possibility of objects dropped into the wellbore, obstruction to well flow and then multi trip removal later.

Consider it as PPE for wellbore and hangers: The final protection when other barriers fall.