HoleGuard™ Your WellBore’s PPE

Too often during well work we experienced unprotected and exposed well bores and connecting hangers. And one off solutions were either tedious to find or make or ineffective.

Dropped objects down well bores are not only time consuming to retrieve but the added expense of downtime on the critical path is significant.

We therefore created HoleGuard™, your wellbore and hanger’s personal protective equipment and the final line of defence against dropped objects from damaging an exposed wellhead. This:

  • Is a temporarily fitted hole cover and barrier over the well bore, well spool connecting hanger and the flange sealing face whilst your BOP, XMT or spool is removed.
  • Minimises the likelihood of dropped objects from overhead decks. drill floors and workers’ open coverall pockets entering the wellbore. Hanger sealing rings and any control, gauge or thermocouple lines surrounding them, are better protected under HoleGuard’s metal cylinder, which has a rigidly contained air gap between the hanger and the inside of the cylinder.
  • Fits and self centres over the open hole and hanger using a proprietary, protective and soft elastomer which sits in the ring groove. Flange circumference, bolt or bolt hole configuration is irrelevant to the HoleGuard’s design reducing its size and mass significantly.

HoleGuard gives confidence that wellbores and critical sealing parts are better protected than they would be otherwise. It minimises the possibility of objects dropped into the well bore, obstruction to well flow and then multi trip removal later. HoleGuard is the lower cost and easier way to protect the well bore, tubing hanger necks and gasket faces from dropped objects.

HoleGuard Product Image