HoleGuard™, engineered by ThinJack Ltd, is a temporary fitting over the wellbore, well spool connecting hanger and the flange sealing face. It is a  barrier which minimises the likelihood of dropped objects from decks, drill floors and coverall pockets entering the bore. Hanger sealing rings, and any micro tubing surrounding them, are protected underneath the metal cylinder.

HoleGuard gives confidence that well bores and critical sealing parts are better protected than they would be otherwise. It minimises the likelihood of objects dropped into the well bore, obstruction to well flow and then multi trip removal later.

With tie down straps, HoleGuard creates a rigid, near immovable air gap between the inside of its cylinder and the hanger neck.

Objects supposedly don’t fall into the wellbore so HoleGuard is unnecessary. Really? Ask the person fishing out the dropped tool from years before, taking multiple runs into the well bore.

Accidentally dropped objects into the well bore are supposedly reported. Are they? Regrettably, in the real world, your well site workforce is also concerned about short term inconvenience; consequences and, potentially, retribution. Just because they have the right to speak up doesn’t mean they will. Especially if the “guilty” evidence of the dropped object is now hidden in the well bore.

HoleGuard replaces disruption and doubt and reduces investigations and paperwork. Some of the most expensive well bore debris removal is when the well is Plugged and Abandoned, just at the time when the needless “dropped object removal cost” should have been eliminated years before.

So you can either pay a little to protect your wellbore and neck now, or a lot later.