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HoleGuard™, engineered by ThinJack Ltd, is a temporary fitting over the wellbore, well spool connecting hanger, and the flange sealing face. It is a barrier that minimises the likelihood of dropped objects from decks, drill floors and coverall pockets entering the bore. 

HoleGuard gives confidence that wellbores and critical sealing parts are better protected than they would be otherwise. It minimises the likelihood of objects dropped into the wellbore, obstruction to well flow, and then multi-trip removal later.

HoleGuard is specifically designed as a fast fit solution, allowing quick and easy installation over the wellbore and hanger. 

Hanger sealing rings and any control, gauge, or thermocouple lines surrounding them are better protected under HoleGuard which includes a rigidly contained air gap in between the hanger and the inside of the cylinder. 

Watch our video below to find out more information about HoleGuard.