HoleGuard™ Patent

It’s been 14 years since we first saw the angst and delays that a temporarily exposed wellbore and unprotected hanger neck created on a surface platform in the USA. Today we are delighted to offer a lightweight, low-cost, and easily handled solution – HoleGuard™: Your Wellbore’s and Hanger’s PPE.


We wanted to thank the entire and wider ThinJack team for the patent award for their HoleGuard product recognising their hard graft on the concept, prototypes, designs, testing, testing, and more testing. Congratulations! Recognition to Andy Caulfield, from Creation IP, for his pithy explanation to the Intellectual Property Office on what makes HoleGuard so special.


And thanks to Martin Layton, the IP specialist at Scottish Enterprise, who kept encouraging us. And to Raymond who challenged us on the concept. We also appreciate our three specialist suppliers, who could not only make the volume of units and sizes we needed but deliver some demanding technical specifications and tolerances with the robustness to keep improving when things didn’t go right the first time. We are pleased to say that two of these suppliers are in the UK.


But we would have got nowhere without Stuart, both the first ThinJack services customer and the first HoleGuard customer. A double first Stuart. Thank you for your early faith in us: it means a great deal to us, and entrepreneurial companies generally.


Please call us if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading this. Guy Bromby, on behalf of ThinJack Ltd