Engineered Solutions

Delivered consultancy and/or one off engineering work includes:

Within a confined annular space to allow equipment removal


Tools which actually fit in the space available.

Italian Trulli

Identify and check out tools with sufficient space and rotational force for removal of old, rusted flange nuts.

  Italian Trulli

For christmas tree lift off and replacement, including conceptual design & operating procedures.

  Italian Trulli

Hub clamp separation, using straight ThinJacks.

  Italian Trulli

PowerPad™: an intelligent, inflatable shim which becomes a weighing system. PowerPad

2014, 2016

Up to 1.8 metre  outside diameter.


Semi sub drilling rig and DSV unable to remove wellhead.


For well operations by a third party


Separation of flanges and replacement of studs and nuts, pre jack up drilling rig arrival.


For tree cap removal. Evaluating actual deck space available for placing lifting frame around each of several wellheads, to an 80% confidence level, using historically collected and digitally scanned data from a different project.

Completing these kinds of projects, we have worked on four continents and within thirty plus countries where we have seen images of and are aware of some tragically inefficient working methods delivered by others. Regrettably, these other methods have exposed people and well equipment to needless time loss and damage.

  • Our team includes those who have repaired damaged aircraft frames in remote areas through to organising and leading Arctic Winter expeditions where everything and everyone has to synchronise to stay alive and comfortable.
  • Identifying, testing and enhancing leading-edge and world-class technology which may not be known in your country or organisation but is intended to be time-efficient on your industrial site.
  • Using ancillary tools and systems necessary to make existing products and systems work better.
  • The team includes those with technical and business experience in these countries: Angola, Australia,  Brunei, Denmark, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iceland, France, Germany, Greenland, Guyana, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Trinidad, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam.

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

  • Striving to deliver only services, systems and products which actually fit in the space available and then will work effectively.
  • Asking questions that others dare not raise, for fear of losing a larger part of the work scope.
  • Describing things as we see them, even if it is contrary to our commercial interests.
  • Challenging the established way of doing things where we believe there is more time or cost-efficient or ethical solutions.
  • Intending to reduce on line critical path time to a minimum by using the right technical solution for the correct purpose.
  • Reminding ourselves that the really boring parts of innovation and engineering differentiate success from failure.
  • Admitting challenges, recognising the limits of our capabilities and knowing when to seek help from outside.
  • Relentless thinking through logistics, security of our team and technical solutions with the intention of working in the real world in a joined-up way, recognising that a weakness in any one of these may create delay, chaos and loss.
  • Delivering novel and workable solutions and not just talking about them.
  • Testing and failing early, during research and development, to better understand a technical problem promptly.
  • Continual service improvement
  Italian Trulli
  • Offering a service only, where we recognise that great systems are damaged or become ineffective or potentially hazardous when used by non-specialists.
  • Mitigating hazards by aiming to eliminate them primarily within system, service and product design
  • Recognising that engineered solutions are “not a rehearsal” but should be completed “once and well”.
  • Asking for and offering help.
  • Insisting on corruption free practices.
  • Caring for our and your people.
  • Supporting other businesses and local communities.
  • Working internationally.
  • Reusing and upcycling of materials.
  • Minimising landfill waste and pollution of the atmosphere and water.

Italian Trulli

Italian Trulli

  • Insisting on capped and affordable limited liabilities.
  • Challenging inefficient procurement practices.                                 
  • Challenging multi-person and time-consuming approval and re-qualification of already proven technology, services and applications.
  • Informal, early, inclusive, time efficient, conclusive and non-legal resolution of apparently intractable problems.