With few “food to go” outlets open, Bothy 57 in Kirkton of Skene, Westhill, Aberdeenshire recently began serving hot and cold drinks, ice cream and tempting snacks. By autumn, they will begin to welcome you to “sit in” next to a wood burning stove and a table service for food. purpose designed for your relaxation in the pre-1860 interior structure is blended with a recent, cosy ambience and a wood burning stove.

Along with many individuals and local organisations all of ThinJack’s staff contributed voluntarily to creating Bothy 57, whether refurbishing equipment, removal of redundant electronic systems, social media, till reconciliation, equipment ordering and overall direction of this fast moving project.

In the last month Bothy 57 created seven part time jobs

Welcome to the human, equine and canine guests enjoying the Arran and Rizza’s ice cream:


Reuben, who loves apples

The ice cream is so popular that one optimist bought their own oversized scoop

If you wish to donate to the refurbishment of the cafe there is a digital payment link and Bothy 57 have already exceeded one third of the target:

For other payment methods please email for more information.