Case Study 3

Tree Cap Flange Removal

Job: Removal of tree cap flange from top of XMT
Job Location: Malaysia
Time Taken to Complete Removal: 12 hours

Project Description

Removal of a 7 1/16” 5M tree cap flange in order for the client to install an adapter plate. This was to allow them to hang the well from a tension table, for conductor cutting and replacement.
Significant amounts of blinding force generated by rust in the bolt hole annuli and between the flange faces extending all the way to the ring gasket.
The client had tried several methods to unsuccessfully remove the tree cap flange.

The Solution

■   ThinJack conducted a site survey and designed & manufactured ThinJack’s to suit the chamfer size of tree cap, this maximised the size of the ThinJack to allow greater force to be generated.
■   A combination of ThinJacks and associated shims, manufactured to API 6A 7 1/16” 5M flange size specification, were tightly packed into the gap. This allowed the ThinJack technicians to precisely control the location that the generated force was applied to. 

The Result

■   Initial gap of 12.1mm increased to 26.6mm using 6 ThinJacks.
■   Maximum pushing force of 48 tonnes.