Case Study 2

Flange Separation

Job: Separation of XMT from Tubing Spool
Job Location: North Sea
Time Taken to Complete Removal: 12 hours

Project Description

The client’s drill string had inadequate pull to separate a 13 5/8” 10M flange between the bottom of the XMT and the tubing spool.

The Solution

■   API 6A 13 5/8” 10M ThinJacks, Technicians and ThinJack inflation equipment mobilised.
■   ThinJack technicians selected the best combination and locations of ThinJacks and associated shims to maximise force available and to prevent unwanted tilting of the flange.

The Result

■  Initial gap of 4mm increased to 29mm using 16 ThinJacks.
■  Maximum pushing force was 268 tonnes this was generated with 17,000 psi of hydraulics pressure.
■  Once at 29mm friction was sufficiently reduced to allow the drill string to release the flanges with a pull of 70 tonnes.
■  ThinJack reduced the likelihood of damage to tubing hanger by keeping flange vertical.