ThinJack® services deliver hundreds of tonnes of controlled force exactly where it is needed to break apart stuck objects. This is a unique and world-class alternative to the more traditional methods using “human” power. Also, we support and weigh those thousand tonne plus objects which are cut through before removal, with our PowerPad™ service.

Safe operations are built into the systems within our services and products at the design and test stage. It is the most usual reason that we are selected to work with you, along with our dependability and deep knowledge of both what we do well and the fine line between success and failure.

We use procedures and risk assessments on customer’s industrial sites and in our workshop. We take responsibility for our work practices and strive to minimise any negative changes to our local and global natural environment.

Recently we have engineered and manufactured a family of products for sale, the first of which is HoleGuard™ for protecting hangers and wellbores from dropped objects.

The team takes a long-term view and invests in systems, engineering and suppliers solely to maximise on line time saving on our customer's industrial and well sites.

We never compromise with the “on line time saving” and repeatedly make small service improvements based on experience and feedback from each project.

ThinJack Ltd is owned and financed by two of its founders, Guy and Lesley Bromby who work full time, only for the Company. We take a lasting approach: investing effectively for the long term in both the good and the bad times.

Separating Seized Well Flanges

ThinJack Ltd removes stuck flanges and bonnets from XMT's and the spools below them. Our international service adds additional controlled force to the finite strength from your drill string and draw works.

Sometimes we work without any other pushing or pulling force on offshore well platforms. That is: without cranes or drilling rigs and maybe where there are weak decks. Rig-less services include sideways and angled separation of bonnets and annulus valves.

Our customers are a mix of those who: A. Have us in readiness on their well platform recognising the value of our expertise and service; B. Have used other technically successful methods but now see that these are unsafe or time-consuming; or C. Have tried various futile techniques, including human power, and have failed.

Where your timescale allows, the ThinJack service includes a pre-job site survey and recommendation of any job-specific systems or application engineering. We strongly suggest this pre-job site survey.

Multi Industries

ThinJack delivers extreme force in confined spaces. This is either to break apart stuck objects or to support them or weigh them.

The slenderness and power of the ThinJack service lends itself to either replace other services or methods or to create a new kind of solution.

We welcome enquiries from these industries: up, mid and downstream oil and gas; pipeline maintenance; nuclear; petrochemical; water and manufacturing.




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